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Gallery of Applications


This page features web sites and applications of the RecipeML format.

Web Sites:

Ruth has created a page on her web site to publish her collection of family recipes. She describes the technology behind it:

The recipes are XML files that adhere to the DESSERT DTD, one recipe per file. (I will upgrade to RecipeML soon. I like the new name.) I use a style sheet (XSL) to convert the XML files to HTML files. In addition I create an XML file that is an index of the entire cookbook. I use this index to create the HTML contents. All the HTMLs are created automatically in a Java program.

At the moment only the static HTMLs are on the server. In the near future I plan to add a link to the original XML versions of the recipes. In addition, the Java programs (which I currently run in batch to precompile the entire site) are set up so that I can use them in a servlet. When and if I have a server that can handle servlet, I can deliver the content dynamically with minimal effort.

Thank you for making RecipeML public. So far I've found the specification useful, with plenty of features for expansion.

We'd like to thank Ruth for using the RecipeML language to make her project come to fruition.

You can download the XSL style sheet Ruth created for her site:

Download Download "dessert.xsl"

(Internet Explorer users: right-click the link and select "Save Target As...")

Are you using RecipeML?

If you are running a site that stores or delivers recipes in RecipeML, or you are writing a piece of software that takes advantage of RecipeML, then e-mail us at the address below.

If you'd like, we'll place a link to your site on this page, along with a description of your product.

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