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The Recipe Markup Language
formerly known as DESSERT

The Format for Online Recipe Content.

RecipeML is a format for representing recipes on computer. It is written in the increasingly popular Extensible Markup Language - XML.

If you run a recipe web site, or are creating a software program—on any platform—that works with recipes, then you should consider using RecipeML for coding your recipes! See the FAQs and the new examples for more info.


Due to overwhelming consensus, DESSERT has a new name. Starting with version 0.5 the markup language will be called RecipeMLTM. It was felt that for the target community, the new name will better indicate its purpose and prevent unnecessary confusion.


RecipeML is free to use as long as the license is followed. This is the gist of it:

  1. Use RecipeML as it is specified in this site — no unauthorized changes!
  2. Mention that your site/software uses RecipeML by name. (If it is software, you need to get permission first.)

Also, we'd appreciate if you give us at FormatData some mention of credit for bringing you RecipeML. We'll do the same for you in our gallery!


[bullet] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
[bullet] Example Recipes
[bullet] Gallery of Applications
[bullet] Development Partners
[bullet] Mailing List
[bullet] View the official Specification Document
[bullet] View the License Agreement
[bullet] View (and download) the RecipeML DTD

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